Be Inclusive - Innovative Journey of Learning

Project description:

The partnership project “Be Inclusive” started in March between two Portuguese and Turkish (co-founding) schools.
Besides the activities that the two founding schools developed together, they also organized two mobilities of students and teachers between the two schools. One of 3 Portuguese teachers and 9 students went to Silifke in Turkey and another of 2 teachers and 8 Turkish students to Guimarães in Portugal.
In this project, we intend to develop the spirit of sharing good practices, experiences, living and building a sense of belonging to Europe, defending citizenship, democracy, acceptance of the other and European values.
Many activities are intended to be developed, deserving highlighting 
– Realization of inclusive intercultural activities (music, art, sports, science, robotics, culture of the different countries)
– Improving English language skills;
– Sharing good practices and experiences of good practices;
– Improving personal relationships and building bridges between parents, students and teachers (host families during mobilities)
– Final evaluation of the activities for the improvement of the institutions;
– Submission of an Erasmus+ KA210 project based on this eTwinning project with two partners by building a partnership that promotes advocacy for an inclusive school, in order to continue and deepen this sharing network.

Project Plan

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School & Country Presentations:

Presentation of Portugal and Guimarães


Intercultural Activities

Exchanging languages

Exchanging mother languages